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Meet Ilker
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Meet Ilker

“Making sure we have the most relevant assortment for Dutch families.” Ilker Baydar - Chief Sales Officer - vertelt hoe wij er op een data gedreven manier voor zorgen dat wij het juiste assortiment voor gezinnen in Nederland hebben om hun leven mooier en makkelijker te maken.


What is the North Star of Category Management?

Everyone in the organization is contributing to the ultimate North Star: to become the #1 in the heads and hearts of Dutch families.

We make sure we have the most relevant assortment for families. We have to constantly ask ourselves: what are the important moments in the lives of families, big and small, and what can we offer for these moments as wehkamp. With our assortment we have the ability to fulfill needs, both functional and emotional. We sell dresses – beautiful dresses, functional dresses. And with a specific dress that our customer finds, chooses and buys we facilitate a great first day after pregnancy leave. The availability of assortment is important, the information we offer with items helps in the decision making and we need to ensure we have the right range for every item. We want to make life easier, not more complicated.

What is your journey pursuing this North Star?

Data is really important for us to understand the needs of Dutch families. Within Category Management, we have shifted our approach to be more customer focused and data driven, or in shor: more digital. It helps us to make better choices where to expand our assortment, and on what we need to focus. We also have to make choices as we cannot do everything at the same time. It is important to start with the things that will have  the biggest positive impact for the customer.  

Also our external partners and suppliers can help us to deliver a great customer experience and we can help them. We have built strong connections where we know each other’s strengths and create true win-win partnerships. There is no need for us as wehkamp to try to do and invent everything ourselves. As long as we work together and let the data work for us, we can become more relevant for our customers and suppliers, every day.

What is your personal North Star? 

With my team, I want to build customer obsessed and data driven category management practices and further improve that every day. This requires us to be open, work together and challenge each other to make things better. Operating with 100% transparency and 100% collaboration within and between all teams of wehkamp.

If someone starts his or her job at wehkamp, he or she should feel and know from day one ’this is the way of working at wehkamp’, regardless of his or her specialism. And you will know. We have a strong culture and guiding principles that allow us to deliver a great customer experience and create a stimulating and supporting work environment for all of us.

What is your journey pursuing your North Star?

Innovation is my personal drive. I always want to be part of the next wave and I am always looking around to spot it and ride it. If you miss the wave, you have a hard time to get on the board and the water will take over your attempt. I experience wehkamp as an organization that knows how to innovate and how to change. We have proved this over and over again given our long history based on relevance for families in the Netherlands. We are learning every day that it is not only about the capability of being able to change, but the speed in which you can keep changing.