The Christmas Sleeper - Onno van Gelder jr.

    Onno van Gelder Jr. The Christmas Sleeper - Onno van Gelder jr.

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    The Christmas Sleeper - Onno van Gelder jr.

    'The cold was exhausting Firmin. He looked around for another shelter. A woman in a nearby house saw him shuffling past. She was so flooded with compassion that the frost ferns covering her window panes melted instantly. She handed Firmin a bowl of hot broth and hurried back inside. Tears rolled down his cheeks and dripped into the fatty broth.' What calamity caused Firmin to scour the streets of Veurne in search of shelter? Was it his own fault? And how did he react when he was suddenly confronted with Odette, someone from his distant past? Onno van Gelder jr.: An old Veurne legend inspired author Onno van Gelder jr. to write this Christmas story for young and old. Its nostalgia-tinted text is enhanced by atmospheric illustrations, inspired by the town of Veurne and its legend. Ton de Koning followed the footsteps of the Christmas Sleeper and illustrated in his own way the surroundings.
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    AuteursOnno van Gelder Jr.
    Genre boekenLiteratuur
    Uitvoering boekHardcover
    Aantal pagina's56
    Jaar van uitgifte2021
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