Michaël Niemeijer The Adventures Of Chin


    The Adventures Of Chin - Michaël Niemeijer

    The Zauberer has awakened! And he's coming for Steelwing-Girl and Chin... Chin has strange dreams until suddenly in the middle of the night Steelwing Girl appears and urgently asks for Chin's help. The wizard has awakened and is after the two. Steelwing-Girl carries an ancient curse with her and with the awakening of the Zauberer comes not only great danger, but also an opportunity to break the curse. Does that mean Chin awaits a wild and dangerous adventure with strange encounters, with mysterious creatures? Would they know the truth and have the answers the Chin are looking for? Are Steelwing-Girl and Chin together strong enough to defeat an ancient, dark and evil magician and can they break the curse?
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    AuteursMichaël Niemeijer
    Soort artikelStripboek
    Uitvoering boekPaperback
    Aantal pagina's92
    Jaar van uitgifte2023
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