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    Mercurio, Jed en Puwanarajah, Prasanna Sleeper


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    Sleeper - Mercurio, Jed en Puwanarajah, Prasanna

    The first in a hotly anticipated new graphic novel series DS-5, a biologically-enhanced law enforcement marshal, is due to be decommissioned after decades in deep space. He returns to a solar system finally rising out of a devastating climate war following the discovery of a miraculous new energy source: Titan Green. His pod crashes on Titan following a mysterious explosion, and DS-5 deploys for his final mission: an investigation into mass murder that becomes entwined with a geologist's quest for her missing father. But as DS-5's ageing tech begins to fail, human faculties and memories resurface, forcing him to confront the dark provenance of his recruitment. Jed Mercurio and Prasanna Puwanarajah have taken the Conspiracy Thriller and the Western and sent them into orbit. Stunningly illustrated by Coke Navarro, Sleeper is a riveting work of imagination.
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    AuteursMercurio, Jed en Puwanarajah, Prasanna
    Multi: TaalEngels
    Soort artikelRoman
    Uitvoering boekPaperback
    Aantal pagina's84
    UitgeverSimon & Schuster UK
    Jaar van uitgifte2021
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