Paul Meurs en Isabel van Lent Schiphol - Groundbreaking airport design 1967-1975


    Schiphol - Groundbreaking airport design 1967-1975 - Paul Meurs en Isabel van Lent

    The new Schiphol opened its doors in 1967. Everything had been thought out, from the runway system to the details of its interior and its now world-famous signage and lettering. The designers had carefully studied the latest developments in aviation and combined them uncompromisingly. They turned Schiphol into a textbook example of a modern airport. Schiphol is a well-oiled machine that flawlessly channels immense flows of people, planes and packages. Every effort is made to put travellers at ease and to provide them with an overview despite the hustle and bustle. This book describes and represents how a large team of top designers once gave shape to this new Schiphol. Based on the cultural-historical research of SteenhuisMeurs, supplemented with a wealth of historical photographs, this is an intriguing introduction to the ideas behind Schiphol’s design – ideas that determine the atmosphere and quality of this airport to this day.
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    AuteursPaul Meurs en Isabel van Lent
    Soort artikelKunstboek
    Uitvoering boekHardcover
    Aantal pagina's192
    Uitgevernai010 uitgevers/publishers
    Jaar van uitgifte2019
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