Rubens' Antwerp - A Guide - Irene Smets

    Irene SmetsRubens' Antwerp - A Guide

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    Rubens' Antwerp - A Guide - Irene Smets

    This Guide to Rubens in Antwerp takes you to all the different places in the city where the work of Peter Paul Rubens can be seen. You can visit his house and workshop, where he created his great masterpieces. You can walk past the homes of his friends Balthasar Moretus and Nicolaas Rockox. You can admire his paintings in the historic churches for which they were made.

    • Learn about Rubens the man and the fascinating world of the Baroque
    • Walk an easy-to-follow route to discover all the Rubens sites of interest in Antwerp
    • Relive the pleasure of your visit thanks to the book’s many coloured photographs
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