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    Gomez-Jurado, Juan Red Queen


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    Red Queen - Gomez-Jurado, Juan

    Soon to be a major series for Amazon Prime . . . 'Red Queen is one of the most extravagantly entertaining novels I’ve ever read. It's an electrifying serial-killer thriller, fiendishly clever puzzle mystery, and sensitive portrait of a fascinating young woman. I loved every word.' - A.J. Finn, bestselling author of The Woman in the Window You've never met anyone like her . . . Antonia Scott is special. Very special. She is not a policewoman or a lawyer. She has never wielded a weapon or carried a badge, and yet, she has solved dozens of crimes. But it's been awhile since Antonia left her attic in Madrid. The things she has lost are much more important to her than the things awaiting her outside. She also doesn't receive visitors. That's why she really, really doesn't like it when she hears unknown footsteps coming up the stairs. Whoever it is, Antonia is sure that they are coming to look for her. And she likes that even less. Juan Gómez-Jurado's internationally bestselling thriller series has sold more than two million copies to date in Spain alone. Translated by Nick Caistor.
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    AuteursGomez-Jurado, Juan
    Soort artikelSpannend boek
    Uitvoering boekPaperback
    Aantal pagina's432
    UitgeverMacmillan UK
    Jaar van uitgifte2023
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