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Peter Grimes, Aldeburgh Festival 20 (Blu-ray)
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    Peter Grimes, Aldeburgh Festival 20 (Blu-ray)


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    Peter Grimes, Aldeburgh Festival 20 (Blu-ray)

    Vorspann - (Keine Angaben)
    Peter Grimes (Prolog)
    You sailed your boat round the coast
    Peter Grimes, I here advise you
    The truth - The pity - And the truth
    Interlude Nr. 1
    Oh hang at open doors (1. Akt)
    Good morning, good morning!
    Hi! Give us a hand!
    I have to go from pub to pub
    Whatever you say - Let her among you without fault
    Have you my pills?
    Look! The storm cone!
    And do you prefer the storm
    What harbour shelters peace?
    Interlude Nr. 2
    Past time to close!
    Liud man - There's been a landslide
    We live and let live
    Have you heard the cliff is down - Get the brandy, aunt
    Now the great Bear and Pleiades
    For peace sake
    The bridge is down
    Interlude Nr. 3 (2. Akt)
    Glitter of waves
    Now that the daylight fills the sky
    There's a tear in your coat
    O all ye works of the Lord
    This unrelenting work
    Fool to let it come to this
    People - No! I will speak! - We planned that their lives should
    Now is gossip put on trial
    From the gutter
    Interlude Nr. 4
    Go there!
    In dreams I've built myself some kindlier home
    Now! Now!
    Peter Grimes! Nobody here?
    Interlude Nr. 5 (3. Akt)
    Assign your prettiness to me
    Mr. Keene!
    Come along, Doctor - Crime, which my hobby is
    Is the boat in? - Embroidery in childhood
    Mr. Swallow, Mr. Swallow
    Interlude Nr. 6
    Peter, we've come to take you home
    To those who pass the Borough
    Abspann - (Keine Angaben)


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