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Murray,Rodgers,Howell - Ariodante, English National Opera, (Blu-ray)
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    Murray,Rodgers,Howell - Ariodante, English National Opera, (Blu-ray)


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    Murray,Rodgers,Howell - Ariodante, English National Opera, (Blu-ray)

    Diamonds, flamboyant, enduring (1. Akt)
    So you're in love
    Rude as the raging furies
    What a proud little beauty!
    Open your eyes to others
    All the hope that I cherished!
    When cunning is shrouded
    Here each fountain, tree and flower
    I shall love you forever
    Take me, take me
    I won't disturb you, sweet souls
    You Cupids go wining
    Go at once Odoardo
    Set the loud trumpet sounding
    Ah, my heart is in Heaven!
    On wings of true devotion
    You know how I respect you, my dearest Dalinda
    Help me, o lovely eyes
    Dalinda, the Sun is setting
    You are warmth and you are sunshine
    Ah, this loving heart burns
    I shall not part
    It seems that everywehre
    What benevolent star
    If my heart conveys to yours
    Musette 1
    Musette 2
    If my heart conveys to yours
    Sinfonia (2. Akt)
    Dalinda's hopeless love
    Ah! Here he is, my friend
    You, prepare to die in torment
    Ginevra? - I'm here, my Lord
    Live brother, live to see vengeance
    Am I yet living?
    Take your pleasure
    My arrow hit the target
    If I can love my Lord
    Deception, you are my salvation
    Since deception can prove
    My Lords, I have called a council
    Envious, thieving fortune
    My heart is racing
    Be happy, my Lady
    My Liege!
    Your allegiance to your country
    Can a single day sustain
    I am a harlot?
    The pain and grief I suffer
    The entr?e of pleasant dreams
    The entr?e of bad dreams
    The entr?e of the frightened pleasant dreams
    The entr?e of the bad and pleasant dreams
    What horror
    Gods in Heaven! Has fortune rescued me (3. Akt)
    Treachery! He has betrayed me!
    Night of blindness
    Ungrateful Polinesso
    Heaven how can you be silent?
    Highness, do not deny
    If love and justice unite
    Now I shall see my daughter
    Here is my daughter
    Let me kiss you
    Daughter, your fate is hanging
    Once more my arms enfold you
    And so my father leaves me
    I shall die
    May Heaven smile down upon justice
    Stay yet swhile
    Where is Dalinda
    Death and darkenss
    Give me hope
    Gor how long must I suffer?
    Help me, God!
    Daughter! My innocent daughter!
    Had I a thousand voices
    Let us applaud you
    Rondeau: Andante allegro
    If innocence was part
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