Kris Vanhaecht, Elly Van Bael, Deborah Sys, e.a. Mangomoment


    Mangomoment - Kris Vanhaecht, Elly Van Bael, Deborah Sys, e.a.

    Originating in the healthcare sector, the Mangomoment has since become a wellknown concept and is rapidly conquering the world. Mangomoment: a moment of great value brought about by small, unexpected gestures that require little or no time, money or effort. Everyone needs respect, cooperation and compassion. But in our busy world, these things can’t be taken for granted. All too often, we lapse into procedures, protocols and guidelines, with the result that warm, empathic and caring humanity gets lost in the mix. Mangomoments allow you to create instants of great value for the people who surround you in your everyday personal and professional life, thereby increasing both their happiness and your sense of satisfaction. This book provides inspiration and motivation that will help you in your search for greater resilience, positivity, kindness and leadership. It does this by recounting true stories of real-life Mangomoments interspersed by beautiful portraits. Reflections from a number of international experts also provide insights into the usefulness and feasibility of Mangomoments. Leaders perusing this book will also find the tools and inspiration they need to bring a new focus to the human aspects of their work environment.
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    AuteursKris Vanhaecht, Elly Van Bael, Deborah Sys, e.a.
    Soort artikelGezondheidsboek
    Uitvoering boekPaperback
    UitgeverAcco uitgeverij
    Jaar van uitgifte2020
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