Looks good feels good is good - Anne van der Zwaag

    Anne van der Zwaag Looks good feels good is good

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    Looks good feels good is good - Anne van der Zwaag

    Social design encompasses all design movements that support a sustainable lifestyle and present alternatives for current social and economic systems. This book clarifies the concept of social design in an accessible, interdisciplinary and visually attractive way. It therefore acts as a reference book for professionals and students, but also as a catalyst for a creative movement and a mentality with enormous potential and unprecedented impact. Anne van der Zwaag (1978) studied Contemporary Art at the University of Utrecht, makes publications in the fields of art, fashion, design and architecture, and works as a freelance curator, publicist and researcher for various cultural institutes. With contributions from Aaron Betsky, Jurgen Bey, Jan Boelen, Max Bruinsma, Lidewij Edelkoort, Martijn Engelbregt, Futurefarmers, Jeroen Junte, Richard van der Laken, Suzanne Lee, Joep van Lieshout, Tracy Metz, Lucy Orta, Jogi Panghaal, Gunter Pauli, Philippe Rahm, Alice Rawsthorn, Daan Roosegaarde, Superuse Studios, Thomas Widdershoven, Joanna van der Zanden and many more.
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    AuteursAnne van der Zwaag
    Uitvoering boekHardcover
    Aantal pagina's256
    Jaar van uitgifte2014


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