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Howard,Gustafson, Sutherland - Dame Joan Sutherland Farewell Gala, (Blu-ray)
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    Howard,Gustafson, Sutherland - Dame Joan Sutherland Farewell Gala, (Blu-ray)


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    Howard,Gustafson, Sutherland - Dame Joan Sutherland Farewell Gala, (Blu-ray)

    Vorspann - (Keine Angaben)
    Little dove so sorely missed (1. Akt)
    Ha, ha, ha... It's a letter from my sister
    Let your fluttering wings be heard
    Now I may not visit her
    Ecco ridente in cielo
    Having you to represent me
    My poor darling Gabriel
    Come with me, a final spree
    What on earth are you doing?
    My happiness is dying - Oh dear, oh dear, how sad it is!
    Alone! Utterly alone
    Drink, my darling, drain the glass - Happiness... Just accepts
    Here comes another one
    Dear sir, what would you think of me - In t?te-?-t?te and up so late
    No, no! The matter is quite clear - I have a pretty birdcage
    Opening (2. Akt)
    Oh, what joy! It's intense
    What a middle class lot
    I like to greet a jolly crowd
    Will you give me the satisfaction
    When drinking vodka suits my mood
    Sadityes pozhaluysta! - Good Lord, old fellow!
    Attention, everybody! We're going to see some fun
    Marquis Renard! How wrong you are
    My dear young lady
    She's so tender! So charming
    Dearest Lady. Countess
    Bravo Madame! Now please, won't you take off your mask
    Dear Chevalier, I greet you now
    Brother mine, brother mine and sister mine
    Unter Donner und Blitz op. 324 (Polka schnell)
    E la solita storia del pastore
    Serbami ognor s? fido
    Mon coeur s'ouvre ? ta voix
    Parigi, o cara, noi lasceremo
    Mid pleasures and palaces (Home sweet home)
    Fr?hlingsstimmen op. 410 (Walzer)
    Enough, my friends, enough!
    Entr'acte (3. Akt)
    Yes, all right!
    I've come home
    Wakey, wakey!
    Sweet country girl' is my part
    Excellency! There's a malefactor outside
    A full explanation
    Now have you told me every fact?
    So you want revenge, do you?
    Oh Eisenstein, oh Eisenstein
    Unter Donner und Blitz op. 324 (Polka schnell) (da capo)
    Prime Minister, Ladies and Gentlemen!
    I'm sorry, my projection isn't as great as Jeremy's
    Overture (da capo)
    D'amor sull'ali rosee
    The mad scene
    Casta Diva


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