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    Higgins, Charlotte Greek Myths


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    Greek Myths - Higgins, Charlotte

    In this spellbinding new collection, Charlotte Higgins reinterprets some of Greek mythology's most enduring stories. 'A great storyteller' Madeline Miller, author of Circe Here are the myths of Heracles and Theseus, the Trojan war, Thebes and Argos and Athens. They are stories of love and desire, adventure and magic, destructive gods, helpless humans, fantastical creatures and resourceful witches. In this telling the female characters take centre stage as Athena, Helen, Circe, Penelope and others weave these stories into elaborate imagined tapestries. In Charlotte Higgins's thrilling new interpretation of these ancient stories, their tales combine to form a dazzling, sweeping epic of storytelling. With a series of original drawings by Chris Ofili.
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    AuteursHiggins, Charlotte
    Multi: TaalEngels
    Soort artikelReligieus boek
    Uitvoering boekPaperback
    Aantal pagina's336
    UitgeverPenguin Books UK
    Jaar van uitgifte2022
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