Henri Smeets Film, popcorn and rock and roll 1955-1965


    Film, popcorn and rock and roll 1955-1965 - Henri Smeets

    Boek/Book/Buch: English + Nederlands + Deutsch. With this book the experienced author has created a communis opinio, a standard work for the int. rock & roll scene, for finding songs in (and an overview of) movies containing vintage rock & roll. Songs and movies from: USA, UK, Germany (including GDR and Austria), Italy, France and The Netherlands. Although the focus is on vintage rock & roll songs, the intension is, with the help of snapshots (even when the quality might be dated due to the original film material) to bring you back to your youth or let you know how the 50s and early 60s were for teenagers. Most films are included with comments (only in English) to make the whole picture complete. Get an impression on how different European countries picked up the American rock & roll. See non-rock & roll artists singing and dancing to this teen music. Enjoy actors, actresses and artists who became famous in the 70s and onwards, way back when they just were teens. They all made rock & roll happen, plus you, the yesterday's teenager! Book contains some: 65000 words, 675 pages, 2050 songs, 350 films, 380 filmposters, 780 snapshots and 260 true rock & roll artists/bands.
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    AuteursHenri Smeets
    Soort artikelMuziekboek
    Uitvoering boekPaperback
    Aantal pagina's676
    Jaar van uitgifte2013
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