Engage! - Woody van Olffen, Raymond Maas en Wouter Visser

    Woody van Olffen, Raymond Maas en Wouter VisserEngage!

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    Engage! - Woody van Olffen, Raymond Maas en Wouter Visser

    Engage! is the Lonely Planet for organizational change. This practical and accessible travel guide for change agents offers a unique mix of scientific and practical insights. After all, action without knowledge is reckless and knowledge without action is impactless. Engage! offers help and encouragement at every stage of the change adventure, centering on shared inspiration, co-creation, experimentation, and especially on how to quickly get down to ‘learning to learn’ together. The authors will take you on a gripping journey, reinforced by vibrant visuals, surprising insights, and engaging examples from international practices. Along the way, they will provide insight into the attitude and constructive behavior needed to keep the ship and its crew on course, avoid black holes, and discover new worlds.

    Woody van Olffen is Professor of Organizational Change and Development at Tilburg University’s TIAS School for Business and Society in the Netherlands.

    Raymond Maas is managing partner at Ami Consultancy. With his colleagues he helps implement change adventures on a daily basis.

    Wouter Visser is Competence Lead Project Management at ASML. He previously worked as a culture change consultant and facilitator at Ami Consultancy.

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