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Daltrey,Johns,Routlegde - The Beggars Opera, Gardiner 1983, B (Blu-ray)
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    Daltrey,Johns,Routlegde - The Beggars Opera, Gardiner 1983, B (Blu-ray)


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    Daltrey,Johns,Routlegde - The Beggars Opera, Gardiner 1983, B (Blu-ray)

    Overture (1. Akt)
    Through all the employments of life
    Sir, Black Moll hath sent word - Tis Woman that seduces all mankind
    But 'tis now high time to look about me
    What of Bob Booty, husband? - If any wench Venus' girdle wear - If love the Virgin's heart invade
    Never was a man more out of the way - A maid is like the golden ore
    Come hither, Filch
    I know as well as any of the fine ladies - Virgins are like a fair flower on its luster
    Our Polly is a sad slut - Can love be controlled by advice - O Polly, you might have toyed and kissed - I, like a...
    Dear wife, be a little pacified - A fox may steal your hens
    Twas only Nimming Ned - Oh, ponder well! Be not severe - The turtle thus with plaintive crying
    The thing, husband, must and shall be done
    Now I'm a wretch, indeed
    Pretty Polly, say - My heart was so free - Were I laid on Greenland's coast - O what pain is it to part! - The miser...
    Prithee, Matt, what is become of thy brother Tom? - Fill ev'ry glass, for wine inspires us (2. Akt)
    Gentlemen, well met - Let us take the road
    What a fool is a fond wench! - If the heart of a man is depressed with cares
    Dear Mrs. Coaxer, you are welcome - Youth's the season made for joys - Before the barndoor crowing - The gamesters...
    I seize you, Sir, as my prisoner - At the tree I shall suffer with pleasure
    Look ye, Mrs. Jenny
    Noble Captain, you are welcome
    Man may escape from rope and gun
    You base man, you - Thus when a good housewife sees a rat in her trap - How cruel are the traitors - The first time...
    In this last affair, brother Peachum, we are agreed - When you censure the age
    Whence come you, hussy - Is then his fate decreed, Sir? - You'll think, e'er many days ensue
    Though the ordinary was out of the way today - If you at an Office solicit your due
    Where is my dear husband? - Thus when the swallow, seeking prey - How happy could I be with either - I'm bubbled. I'm...
    Ah, hussy, hussy - No power on earth can e'er divide
    I am naturally compassionate - I like the fox shall grieve
    To be sure, wench - When young at the bar you first taught me to score - My love is all madness and folly (3. Akt)
    Peachum then intends to outwit me in this affair - Thus gamesters united in friendship are found
    Why boy, thou lookest as if thou wer half starv'd
    I am sorry, gentleman - The modes of the Court
    The coronation account, brother Peachum, is of so intricate nature - What gudgeons are we men
    Dear Mrs. Dye, your servant - In the days of my youth
    Jealousy, rage, love and fear - I'm like a skiff on the ocean
    Dear madam, your servant - When a wife's in her pout - A curse attends that woman's love - Among the man, coquets we...
    Come, Miss Polly
    Set your heart to rest, Captain - Hither dear husband, turn your eyes - Which way shall I turn me - When my hero in...
    O cruel, cruel, cruel case - Of all the friends in time of grief - Since I must swing - But now again my spirits sink...
    For my having broke prison
    My dear Lucy - My dear Polly - Would I might be hanged
    But, honest friend - I hope you don't intend
    Thus I stand like the Turk
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