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    Cheeseasily - Jos van Riet

    By international standards, Cheeseasily is a unique book. Never was there a book detailing the history of cheese and the emergence of cheesemaking in history in such a colorful manner. Both cheese lovers and history buffs, not to mention cheesemakers, professional and amateur alike, will be absorbed in the author's tales of the wonderful and interesting history of cheesemaking. The author takes the reader on a journey to the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea and to west, central and northern Europe, after which he moves through Great Britain and crosses over to the American continent, where Columbus introduced the first cows on the Canary Islands which made it possible for cheesemaking to commence on the newly discovered continent.
    Cheeseasily: Not only from the heart of Jos van Riet, but also written with love for anyone who enjoys cheese and would like to know more about it.

    Cheeseasily is also a practical guide. All steps involved in the cheesemaking process are clearly described: the formation of milk, the cheesemaking process, brining and the ripening of the cheese. Additionally, the book also covers the inspection, storage and sale of cheese. The book contains 26 recipes of the most famous European cheese types, which have also served as the basis and model for cheeses in currently popular cheese countries. The author also indicates where things might go wrong. Ever heard of a thud in the cheese? Nests in the cheese or a hint of bitter?
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    AuteursJos van Riet
    Multi: TaalEngels
    Soort artikelKookboek
    Uitvoering boekHardcover
    Aantal pagina's149
    UitgeverJ.A.G. van Riet troubleshooter
    Jaar van uitgifte2013
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