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    Cardiovascular Solutions - Zan Mitrev

    Cardiovascular diseases have a detrimental effect on a patient`s quality of life. The condition is associated with high morbidity, invalidity and mortality rates if left untreated. Cardiovascular diseases have diverse clinical manifestations, varying diagnosis and thus require a personalised treatment approach. Consequently, cardiovascular pathologies, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis are challenging to comprehend for many persons who are not directly involved in this pathology, particularly the patients and their families. Through a large case series, encompassing more than 100 unique cardiovascular pathologies, this book offers insights into the heterogeneous clinical presentations through a vast array of images and brief explanations. The book is built upon advanced Computed Tomography imaging supplemented with X-ray scans. The content is especially attractive to patients, and their families, who are faced with the disease. Also, medical personnel interested in broadening their knowledge in the management of cardiovascular pathologies can use “cardiovascular solutions” as a base. The book also describes a set of peripheral vascular pathologies commonly associat
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    AuteursZan Mitrev
    Uitvoering boekPaperback
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    Jaar van uitgifte2018


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