Break through banking - Siebe Huizinga

    Siebe HuizingaBreak through banking

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    Break through banking - Siebe Huizinga

    Break Through Banking

    'Pure inspiration for those daring to believe in a positive future.' - Joris Luyendijk, author of Swimming with Sharks.

    Drama, heated arguments and extreme passion define the trials and tribulations
    of bunq. A start-up ready to take over the world.

    From an anti-squat office location in Amsterdam, a young and ambitious crew is
    challenging an aging money industry. Their dream: a fully mobile and
    independent bank, the true alternative to traditional banking. They embark on a
    near impossible adventure, armed with a shared passion, idealism and goal to
    take the banking world by storm. But each day proves to be an endless roller
    coaster ride. "All of us know one thing: it all comes down to this very moment.
    This is where it all happens!"

    Siebe Huizinga wrote Break Through Banking based on hundreds of
    conversations, emails, documents and news items. From 2012 to 2016, he had
    a front row seat watching bunq develop and unfold into a pivotal game
    changer. The result: a very personal account of the challenges faced by a
    start-up. One that is bent on writing history.
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