Atlantic Wall


    Atlantic Wall

    The crumbling
    Atlantic Wall through
    the inquisitive eyes of
    photographer Stephan
    During World War II, Adolf Hitler gave the
    order for a line of defense to be constructed
    along the coasts of the western front.
    Ranging from the French-Spanish border
    to the north of Norway, this Atlantic Wall is
    a series of bunkers, barricades and coastal
    Over the past year Stephan Vanfleteren
    photographed this 'wall' of more than 2600
    kilometres in his well-known black-andwhite
    style. He planted his tripod on various
    beaches in Belgium, the Netherlands and
    Germany, climbed cliff faces in France,
    sailed between the fjords of Norway and
    stood in the surf in Denmark to photograph
    the ruins of the largest military structure of
    the previous century.
    Vanfleteren shows with this series of photos
    his wonder for the untamed architectural
    beauty of these concrete structures and
    he shows the power of nature as it slowly
    reclaims these structures that were once
    considered impenetrable.
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