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    Heinz Siegfried Pestner Alone!


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    Alone! - Heinz Siegfried Pestner

    The rumbling of thunder overhead created a scary atmosphere that made her heart beat faster. The cold dewy leaves sliding across her skin made her shiver in fear as she looked around trying to point out where the swooshing sound had come from. Parts of her skin were torn from the thorns that scratched her skin from the numerous falls she had encountered while running. …she ran fast. Faster. Faster still. Not once stopping. Refusing to look behind her. Scrapes and cuts on hands from falling in the dark. She twisted and jerked at every unfamiliar sound, holding her hands out in front of her to ward off unseen obstacles. Smack. She fell to the ground bearing the full brunt of the blow from the unknown. She whimpered but picked herself up, diving behind a wide cedar trunk just off the trail she had mapped out to keep her safe. With her heart slamming violently against her ribcage, she gulped in the stale air of the night, trying to slow her breathing. She heard the rustling of leaves from around her and held a bloody palm to her lips to prevent herself from screaming loud in terror.
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    AuteursHeinz Siegfried Pestner
    Multi: TaalEngels
    Soort artikelHorrorboek
    Uitvoering boekPaperback
    Aantal pagina's250
    UitgeverBookmundo Direct
    Jaar van uitgifte2022
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